Monday, April 13, 2009

Repairs, Repairs and More Repairs!

Over the years I have taken on quite a few titanium repairs of other brands of bikes other than my own. It is hard to turn down someone trying to get some more life out of their trusty old bike. It has also given me a lot of insight on why some of these frames are failing. I am always asked why someone should buy one frame over another , or more to the point, why should someone buy one of my frames over another brand. So being a custom builder I am always in a position to try to educate my potential customer how I build a frame differently than others. The frame shown above which will remain nameless, was a repair for a broken downtube. Upon cutting out the downtube I discovered that the seatube purge hole is in the wrong place and the seat tube was not welded to the bottom bracket at all underneath the downtube. This is definitely one of the differences on my frames , my seat tubes are completely welded to the bottom bracket before further assembly. This makes a stronger more reliable frame!
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