Sunday, April 03, 2011

Thanks Mike Varley!!!

Mike is the owner of Black Mountain Cycles here in Point Reyes Station , California. Mike was the product manager for Haro Bicycles for about 13 years and decided to change his career path and follow his dream of having his own shop. I have watched Mike since he started here in our little town and am very impressed to see the growth in his business. With all of the things that it takes to make a business successful, the one that stands out the most is Mikes character, he is one of the most hard working, honest people I know , and a super nice person! Mike has been building up all of my complete full bike builds for my customers and has really helped out and all of my customers are really happy to have such competent help from Mike. The photo shown is Mike with his family dog " Sport". Check out Mikes Black Mountain Cycles blog: Thanks again Mike, Steve.


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