Saturday, April 16, 2011

Horsing Around!

Horsing around and having some fun. Daniel and I did a fun job for our two little neighbors Amanda and Naomi. They have really gotten into the art of vaulting, quite something to see the 40 and 60 pound tiny little girls get on real horses and do their vaulting routine! The girls asked if I could make them a practice vaulting barrel and I said yes, how can you say no to my little friends that we have known since they were born! Anyway, it took much longer than I anticipated and thanks to Daniel making a big push with me to get it done for the girls we got it done! Even though it was not a paying job, the reward of seeing the smiles on their face when it was done was worth more than money could buy! In the photo Daniel is having some fun riding the wild , out of control vaulting barrel while trying to rope Cowboy no doubt!
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