Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From the drafting table to the CAD !!!!

Well, I made the jump from my 3oo year old drafting table to the modern world, kicking and screaming the whole way!!! Now I can't believe it took me so long, how did I live without this for so long. There is a painful transition for an old timer like me , but I am glad that I did it. The reason to do it is of course to make me more productive and make the communication between me and my customers better. At this point looking back , I can't believe that I used to send a set of numbers to my customers and they had to convey that into something that they could understand, and now the customer gets a complete picture with all of the information they could possibly need in a clear picture of the bike that I am going to build! Shown in the photo above is the shop version of the drawing , giving me just the information I need to build the bike, the customers version is a complete bike with the components selected. So far it has been very helpful!
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