Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fork Decal

Mount Tamalpais, the place I grew up in , the place that helped inspire my love of bicycles, and a place that will always be special to me!
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A Different View

Just a view of the Big 1.750" Downtube.
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Just a few shots at some handsome road frames and forks. I was very fortunate to meet some of the family members of the people that received these bikes. I am thankful that I not only get to build really nice bikes, but I get to meet some really wonderful people! I am also glad that most of my customers stay in touch with me and drop me an e-mail once in awhile. Thanks again !
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Road Forks

Just got a pair of road forks I made back from Rick at D@D. He really does a beautiful job on the paint work ! Thanks Rick!
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost Twin Road Bikes

Almost identical twins, but not quite! It is rare that two identical people get measured up for bikes at the same time. That would make my job easier, but then they wouldn't be custom fit bicycles! I look forward to seeing these on our beautiful roads around here!
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Helping the Boys Along!

My son Daniel chose to build a bicycle for his senior project. I guess you know how happy that made me to be able to coach him along! On the poster part of the project , which is just a discriptive image, not meant to be informative in detail, he chose to use some metal glued on to the images he used to make them appear three dimensional. At first I wasn't sure it would work, but he really pulled it off. It looks really great ! He also made a metal frame to go around the poster board. I look forward to seeing the project progress!
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A Rare Sight!

A few fully brazed Type II Forks going to Europe!
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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Seat Tube Collar Section

A close look at the inside of the seat tube collar that is pressed into the seat tube with an interference fit ( approximately .005") before the fusion weld. Notice the 7 degree taper , ( approximately .375" long), to reduce any straight line stress concentration on the seat tube. This makes the seat tube go from .035" wall thickness to approximately .078" wall thickness in the seat tube pinch area that is 3.250" long. This is all done to make the seat tube pinch area as strong as it needs to be to clamp the seat post properly, while keeping the rest of the seat tube as light as possible, basically putting the metal where it needs to be.
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