Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Favorite Build!

You have seen them before, but it is still my favorite build! 29er with a Type II Fork.
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Monday, August 01, 2011

A Couple of Classics!

It doesn't get much better, I mean, as classics go! An old Cunningham Indian, and a Steve Potts Steelhead! I made 12 Steelheads about 20 years ago for " The Wrecking Crew" . Great guys, all 6'2", all hammers and great singletrack riders! They all got together and ordered the 12 bikes at once,,,,, man , those were the good old days. I miss those days and all of the guys,,, but I'm sure most of them now have families and are making great memories with their families now , and I'm sure, telling stories to their kids how much fun they had on their bikes back when they were " The Wrecking Crew". Thanks Geoff for bringing over the oldies!
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Nice Restoration !

My friend Kurt did a wonderful restoration on this bike I built about 30 years ago. It's really a lot of fun to help out someone like Kurt, he really appreciates the work that goes into these old bikes! Thanks for keeping the classics rolling!
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An "Oldie" !

Not the nice gentleman , Nik, in the photo, the bike is the old one! Nik made a visit to have me put on new decals on a bike I made approximately 27 years ago. He did a great job of getting all the old parts together to put this one together. A big thanks to Nik for making it up here and a big thanks to Geoff for showing Nik around, also had a great time having lunch with all the guys over at Black Mountain Cycles with Mike Varley!
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Type II Crown Detail

Crown details with the Sky Blue decal!
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Type II's for 29er's

My Titanium 29er with the Type II Fork is one of the best performing and popular bikes that I build! It is also one of my favorite bikes to build ! Complete frame and fork photos following shortly!
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