Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Classic Type II Fork

Thanks again to Tasshi for the beautiful photos !
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More Nostalgia

It seems the old racing photos have set off a firestorm of old memories for quite a few that check out my blog. Thanks to all of you that have sent me photos and e-mails! Thanks to Tasshi that sent these photos of a beautiful restoration of one of my older bikes. Man , did these fillet brazed frames take a long time to do!!!
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Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is Ascot 1/2 mile, it was named the fastest 1/2 mile track in the world due to the type of rich soil the track was made from. It was really one of the best "cushion" tracks in the world and no photo could ever convey the speed of this track. It was really one of my favorite tracks. I hope that you enjoyed this bit of nostalgia ,,,,, better stop now, these are just the tip of the iceburg, back to bikes! Click on photos to enlarge!
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I thought some of you might enjoy these old photos. I am 17 years old, my first year as a Class C Pro, racing the National Indoor Series. All I can say is ,,, very fast , and at times very slippery, ( the surface is polished concrete) . I have always pushed myself to be the best I can be, and there were certainly times I have had my moments. Since I had to cut and shape my tires for different tracks, it really helped me understand tire design. There is always something to learn!
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Just a Kid!

Yep, thats me, a long time ago, patched jeans, adidas running shoes , long johns and a woolrich shirt, and my trusty 54 pound clunker I restored , check out the BB brace , drop out plate, restored seat from a piece of leather I bought at a thrift store, and cool paint job with pin stripping, man did I love that bike!!!!!!
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Tone

Just finished a restoration on an old Phoenix, new Type II fork, etc. It's great to see my customer's choice of paint work. I love the old two tone paint jobs. Hopefully my customer will send me the finished bike photo to post here, it looks great so far. I am finishing up a nice ti road frame right now and will using my friend Jesse's bike to follow through the building process on the blog, hope it is fun for all that check this out, Thanks Jesse, Steve.
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Updating some great old bikes with new disc mounts. The two frames in the front are finished , the rest are in process. Great to see these bikes getting some new life to keep on riding! It really is a great feeling to see the tired old bikes come in here and leave here almost new again,,,,, hey, I need some of that myself.....
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Titanium Parts!

One of the parts of the business that is challenging for me is keeping the titanium parts needed to build bikes in stock. Not only is titanium expensive , it is sometimes hard to find. In the photo are some seat tube collars that I had my friend Mark Norstad at Paragon make for me out of 6-4 titanium bar stock. I usually use tubing, but none could be found the proper size, or even close to the proper size. I also just received a new batch of the new disc mounts that John Castellano and I use for our bikes, a beautiful design by John!
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