Thursday, September 29, 2011

S@S Couplings, Travel Bike

Shown is the S@S coupling being machined to fit the top tube , and down tube, for a nice road travel bike. This is an important process that insures that the proper interference fit between the tube and the coupler is done correctly to make the joint is as strong as possible. Machined properly also insures that the tubes are concentric with each other to insure proper alignment of the frame. More to come!
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Road / Travel Frame

This is the down tube and top tube shown with the S@S couplings pressed together after cleaning. They are checked for concentricity before the final welding. Here they are shown with the build rings, which will keep them together until the bike is completely finished at which time the finished couplings will be put on .
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29er Set Up For Fox 29 Fork

Every once in a while a make a 29er without a Type II Fork! Nice bike!!
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29er Hardtail..

29er with the 1 " stays, nice riding !
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Built Up 29er

Another nice 29er built up by Mike at Black Mountain Cycles! Turned out nice!
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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

You Will Never Guess!

I actually do make other bikes than the 29er with the Type II Fork. Some road, cross, and travel bikes up next , and then of course more 29er's with Type II Forks!
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A Little Blue !

I have always used the traditional black and silver decals but decided to try something new for one of my customers request !
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Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Simple Task!

Even the simplest task can be complicated, putting on the Roller Cam brake studs for instance. Many hours designing and many more hours of building an accurate fixture helps. There are several critical dimensions and angles that have to be perfect for the brake to work properly. Shown is an old fixture that I made many years ago and I am grateful that I have it when needed! I have drawers full of fixtures that are used for every step of the way when I build a frame, fork , or stem. There are so many fixtures that I have forgotten what some of them were even used for!
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A Rare Sight !

A pair of Roller Cam brake studs on a 29er, mounted on the chain stay. Only a few riders out there have this set up going on!
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Welding Gloves

You would think I would just go down to the local hardware store and buy some cotton gloves for welding titanium. Well, I go through hundreds of pairs of these to insure that the frame and welding rod is kept clean from any contaminants, including just the natural body oils on your skin. And yes, if I got them at the hardware store I would go broke. I usually buy a few hundred at a time and I drive a pretty hard bargain! Well that 's all for keeping things clean here.
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