Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drop Out Detail

Type II Fork drop out detail , all the hard work shows a nice finish!
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Type II Forks , Ready for Paint

Bead Blast finish, just before paint!
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great Friends !

Even though I work alone , and I at times I feel alone , I am always grateful for my wonderful sons and family, my loyal and patient customers, and those special friends. Pictured above are two of those friends who help more than they know. Thanks Kent and Katie for all you do !
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New Front Disc Mounts !

I just received my new steel front disc mounts. These are waterjetted just as the titanium ones are, but these are made out of 4130 cromoly plate for my steel forks. A big thanks to my friend John Castellano for the help !
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Destined For Some Fun Rides!

I think this bike is on it's way to some fun adventures! The new owner will be heading North on a train with his new ride and he will get off "somewhere" way up North and then ride home. Man, that sounds like fun!!!!
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The "Bombproof" Road, Touring, Cross Bike!

This is one nice all around bike ! It has 45mm tire capacity, disc brakes, fender and rack mounts and a reliable geometry to handle road, touring and some off road riding! I look forward to riding this one, thankfully the new owner is nearby!
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RC Stud Fixture

Some more Type II news for the interested. This is a photo of the Roller Cam Boss fixture to insure the proper placement and alignment of the brake studs. I will have some finished photos asap on the blog , as some of you are waiting to get them! Thanks for your patience!
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Special Thanks!

A special thanks to my friend Gary Boulanger and his wonderful wife Jean for all the help ! They actually made this web and blog site possible and here I am using it , the non computer person that I am! Thanks Gary and Jean !
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